Vegan Warrington was created 8 years ago to provide information about veganism in general and in particular information of interest to vegans and would-be vegans in the Warrington area. Since then interest in veganism has expanded, as have vegan resources to the point where it is now unusual for eateries NOT to provide vegan options. The major supermarkets have responded to the demand too and we find Sainsbury’s in particular have a good range of products. There have also been three vegan eateries in Warrington so far one of which was sadly forced to close because of unforeseen circumstances.
We have always combined information on resources with vegan advocacy taking the message out to the public with our information stalls and also via our Facebook page and about 4 years ago we decided this should be our priority and remains so. It may seem odd to say there’s a downside to the developments described above but there is. Veganism is an ethical position which rejects the use of animals as resources for humans on moral grounds but is often characterised as a lifestyle choice: something to try to see if it suits and discard if it doesn’t. Would we treat other moral concerns in this way?

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